Um, So, Remind Me – How Does the Government Work Again?

Civics 101 Podcast – A Daily Podcast to Re-Learn Everything You Forgot from Civics Class!

Quick and Easy, Listen on Your Way to Work

I stumbled on this gem today. It’s a daily podcast that answers one question each episode, and typically lasts around 15 minutes. It’s a perfect bite-size, commute-friendly way to remind yourself just exactly how our United States government works (or is supposed to!).

Get More from the News with Insight Provided by Expert Guests

The news sure is a lot more meaningful when you understand the context.  Each episode, an expert is interviewed who can answer the question and also provide context that relates to what is happening right NOW in the Trump administration. It makes all this (re-)learning a whole lot more interesting…

Find out more at:

How Does the Government Work?
How Does the Government Work?

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